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WordPress Design made simple



We design your individual website according to your specifications. We convert your corporate design into a technically clean website. The easily feasible must never be the limit on the way to the visualization of your ideas.


Our main task is to create responsive websites that react neatly to the screen width of the different media devices (monitors, tablets and smartphones) and make the visitor of your site curious to learn more.

Spielwiese - Playground

This website serves as a playground to illustrate certain adaptations of WordPress or implementations of layouts. This site tries to implement visualizations that often seem impossible. And explains here or elsewhere their implementation.



has evolved from an ideal tool for bloggers to a mature CMS.

WordPress offers you a wide range of free and premium themes.
Wordpress is flexible – due to a multitude of plugins it can also adapt to unusual wishes.

The backend – the administration level of WordPress is easier to understand than with any other CMS.

If you have a basic knowledge of word processing, even inexperienced users will find it easy to create pages and articles – even new menu items.


has a worldwide market share of 58.7% in CMS systems, followed by Joomla 6.6% and Drupal 5.0% – Typo3 now has only 1.4%.


All in all, WordPress is far ahead with about 25% market share of all websites (static inclusive) – again followed by Joomla (3%) and Drupal (2%); Typo3 is 0.6%. However, the trend worldwide is increasingly towards the use of content management systems. In recent years, WordPress has almost exclusively expanded its market share in this area.

About us

Weber Design

Print layout and design
were our main activities for a long time.

Photography for museums

Trade fair and presentation equipment

The step towards the screen layout
began early with the growing importance of the Internet

javascript / php