Edited Enfold ALB Elements

Current Enfold Version : 4.5.7

Some changings now – one new filter for heading tag is implementend – but obsolete for my edited alb elements – because of h-tag choice on alb options.

Please always use the WP Classic Editor in the settings of Enfold. The shortcodes of Enfold – and thus also the ones edited files here – only work cleanly then.

Small tutorial

how to use edited Enfold ALB Elements.

All files provided here are for the new Enfold (since 4.5) 

Use at your own risk – All files and functions are tested in a lot of Enfold Installations and will work if you are reading the tutorial carefully.

It is best to work with a child theme. As a result, the changes will not be lost during the next update.

All shortcodes of the ALB Elements are in the folder:

To substitute these parent-theme-files there is in documentation that helpful small snippet:  Documentation-Link

add_filter('avia_load_shortcodes', 'avia_include_shortcode_template', 15, 1);
function avia_include_shortcode_template($paths){
  $template_url = get_stylesheet_directory();
      array_unshift($paths, $template_url.'/shortcodes/');
  return $paths;

so all you have to do is to create a folder called : “shortcodes”  in your child-theme folder
and upload the downloaded files to that folder ( you can have that similar with java-script files )

that is all !!!

because of there are new code-lines added in the existing ALB Elements, you have to re-edit sometimes the existing ALB Elements. Espacially the icon-box and icon-list Element.

All newly made ALB Elements will show imediately the changed output.


Heading with ID Input field option and alt attribute

Nice to have f.e. for anchor navigation –
and new input field for alt attribute if heading has link

Since Enfold 4.5.6

Button with ID Input field option

here you got the possibility to set a custom ID to a button.
The ID goes to the a tag.  By Request from Board

Since Enfold 4.5.6

White Space Separator with ID Option

function add_class_to_parent_of_hr_with_id(){
 $('div.hr[id]').closest('main.content').css( 'padding' , '0px' );
add_action('wp_footer', 'add_class_to_parent_of_hr_with_id');

New Download for Enfold since 4.5.6

If you want to use this as anchor link – the normal case would be that it is not in a container than. In Enfold all content got a padding of 50px 0

Iconbox and Icon-List with h-tag choice



since Enfold 4.5.6



Both Full-Sliders and Easy-Slider with h-tag choice at caption

Full-Screen and Full-Width Slider Caption

these files give you the chance to set the h-tag as you like!

More styling options. Minor Changings to some of the files

New Files for Enfold 4.5.7

Everything like before – 4 files for the shortcodes folder on child-theme

Please upload all 4 files to your child-themes/shortcodes folder because the av-helper-slideshow.php rules the things for all 3 sliders. If one left original it has a wrong markup.

Columns Link Option with Title and Alt Attributes

It is now implemented in the Enfold 4.5.7 file.

Testimonial Slider with animation choice

determine the animation to your testimonial big slider as you like!
on grid it makes no sence and on small slider it is ugly.

More styling options.

Since Enfold 4.5.6